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State emblem of the Free Republic of Liberland„We have repeatedly used the services of Mr. Zasadil for the translation of drafts and the final version of the Constitution of the Free republic of Liberland into Czech. Beyond translation, we have appreciated his constructive remarks on some of the formal and content aspects of the Constitution during its creation.“

Mgr. Vít Jedlička, president of the Free republic of Liberland

En > Cz, translation of Constituion

MEP Tomáš Zdechovský"I have used the services of Mr. Jan Zasadil for the revision and translation of my website into English and German. The translation took place directly in the CMS of the web and apart from the translation, Mr. Zasadil helped us tune up the interlinking of the web structure in Czech, English and German mutations."
Mgr. et Mgr. et Mgr. Tomáš Zdechovský, MEP for the EPP

Cz > En and De, unification of links, translation, website


Faculty of Public Policies, Silesian University in Opava"The Faculty of Public Politics of the Silesian University in Opava has been using the services of Mr. Zasadil among others for the translation of its new international peer-reviewed journal Social Pathology and Prevention (S.P.P.) which is unique in dealing with socially pathological topics. He has also translated the syllabi for the study in English language and he cooperates with us on translation of the faculty website."
Ing. Josef Vícha, secretary to the FPP SU in Opava
Cz > En, academic papers in the fields of history, sociology, penolgy and social services


Dostupný advokát [LawyerInTouch]
"We have approached Mr. Zasadil to provide a certified translation of Terms and Conditions of one of our clients' web trading tool into English. Both the client and we were satisfied with the work itself, the attention he paid to the original wording, and with the speedy delivery. We will be using his services in the future."
Team of lawyers, []

Cz > En, Terms and Conditions of an internet Forex trading provider


Překlady Zasadil Reference Univerzita Tomáše Bati
"The Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management, Tomas Bata University, has been using the services of Mr. Zasadil to translate scietific papers in the field of logistics, crisis management and cyber-security.
In the cooperation of almost two years, he has shown considerable flexibility and we can recommend his services."
Mgr. Marek Tomaštík, Ph.D.,  vice-dean for public relations and life-long education, FLCM UTB

Cz -> En, translation of scietific papers in logistics, crisis management and cyber-security


Ing. Ivan Pilip
"We have had good experience with Mr. Zasadil while translating an auditor's report into German. We will be glad to use his services in the future."
Ing. Ivan Pilip, former Czech finance minister and vicechair of the European Investment Bank, owner of Conseille, Ltd. [s.r.o.]
Cz > De, accounting and auditorial texts
Translation Zasadil Reference KDU-ČSL
"Considering program priorities especially in connection with the refugee crisis, we decided to consult the well-prepared integration program of our German colleagues of the Bavarian CSU. Its translation from German was undertaken to the satisfaction of our program work-groups by Mr. Zasadil whose services we can recommend."
Mgr. Pavel Hořava, Secretary General of the Christian Democratic Union - Czech People's Party

De -> Cz, ideological points of departure of the CSU, Bavaria Founder Otakar Šuffner"Mr. Zasadil has been translating for since 2016. His supplies include certified translation of budiness conditions, as well as educational texts for our blog. Our satisfaction is reflected in the long-term cooperation."
Ing. Otakar Šuffner, CEO, FF Trader, Ltd. [s.r.o.]
Cz -> En, Business conditions of cooperation in Forex Trading and blog posts on Forex Trading


Translation Zasadil Reference Youth of People's Party"When we were in need of translating our Statutes into English, it was clear who to approach first. Jan had already translated some of our project proposals in the capacity of vice-president of our association and we are glad to have someone readily available to translate for us, even in case of translation of legal documents."
Václav Pláteník, M.A., president, Youth of People's Party Czech Republic, CA
Cz -> En, Statutes of a civic association, EU project proposals